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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I Fall In Love

I fall in LOVE….

(I advise that start listening your favourite song , while you are reading this article,, and please be sited with your bonsai)

(The “IMLI” is my tamarind bonsai which is almost 10 years old .. and I share a special relation with her since last 3 years.)

It was a very graceful late evening, when the orange colored sun rays were leaning on my IMLI. I was just looking to my IMLI, and was waiting to see her leaves turn closed. She was looking very preety, just then a pleasant breeze passed through her. The rays of sun were adding good orange tone to her. Imli was smiling a lot and was ready to sleep. It was a great combination of the air, the rays of the sun and my dear Imli.

Though I see my Imli every day, and that is my routine, I still ask her always what she needs and what happens to her. I love my Imli very much. , She always looks like a matured tree. But that evening was quite special as she was looking very bold and beautiful, I had just meditated and was staring at her. I was standing with her and I started singing my favourite love song.

I felt that, cold wind and sun were giving music to my song, which my Imli was listening vigilantly and was just swinging in accord. After singing some lines I stopped the song and tried to move away. Just then I felt a sweet voice calling me; I waited for a while and tried to listen that sweet voice again. Yes, some body was calling me and I fond that it was my Imli who was calling me. I looked at her again. She smiled at me and said, “sing again………., I liked it very much……., you sing really good"

I was amazed !!!!!!! my Imli was requesting me to sing again…!

Her leaves were not yet closed ; instead they were smiling with a demand, to make me sing that song again. Yes, my Imli was talking to me and she recommended for my love song. Without thinking much, I started singing the song again. Looking at her I sang the entire song with love and tranquility. Once again the cold, the wind and the sun rays added music to it.

After completion of my song I asked her, “did you like it… ?” All the leaves started swinging simultaneously in the same movement and Imli said with compassion “I LOVE YOU”

I become emotional ; i caressed her and replied “I LOVE YOU TOO”. Once again she smiled a lot and within few seconds all the leaves were closed. Now whenever I see my Imli, I find her blushing and I also have alike feelings. I know our love is not very fresh, it was started when I saw her first time in a nursery. I will never forget that moment.

Though I am not a good singer not even as good as can be called a bathroom singer but, from that day i sing among all my bonsais, sometimes they do sing with me and I can even hear them !!

A true love plays between us. I love my bonsai plants deeply and hope them to be happy and keep smiling forever. I share this experience with other bonsai artists, as I love all all the bonsai plants on our earth ... but have little more adore for my IMLI.

Love your Bonsai enhance your surroundings.

Your bonsai friend forever

parag mehta (Ahmedabad)

Friday, 10 September 2010

Love your art Love your BONSAI......

I have been involved in this art field for the past 4 years and have been learning quite a few things about Bonsai. But, I believe, that there yet a lot to learn since true experience comes with years and years of hard work and patience. Whenever I see anybody’s fully grown beautiful bonsai, I try to find out how I can improve upon my bonsais. I have been experiencing this ever since I am just a kid. And this article focuses on kids like me who have an interest in this field and wish to develop themselves better.

One of the most crucial aspects of bonsai making is that you need to love your (pre)bonsai. Let us take an example, when our children do not fare well in class, we lovingly advise them and push them to do better next time. Similarly, we should not neglect our plants in any case, especially if they are not looking good at present !!. Always feel that “mera bhi number aayega” and to make sure to succeed, go an extra mile and stay committed to your vision because any bonsai master pieces plant can never be created without any master’s hardwork.
However, the idea is not to work daily on the same bonsai, but only when customized treatment is required. Keep in mind that you should not tamper your bonsai very often. Let them grow properly, and wait for the right season for the right work. When you go to any bonsai session, workshop etc. and watch masters working on plants without fear, it is definitely inspiring. However, when it comes to your bonsai, do not apply the same treatment at a time. But, think twice, thrice, if necessary and then go for it; else wait for the correct season to administer the correct treatment like trimming, pinching, repotting and mainly chopping your plant.

Very first step towards making a good bonsai is the selecting the Pre Bonsai Material. On one hand, a bonsai artist can make a very good bonsai within just 1 or 2 years or say give better results than others. On the other hand, having a very straight and thin trunk plant takes more than 10 years to develop as bonsai. So, first step of learning in bonsai is SELECTING PRE BONSAI PLANT.

Some times in our ignorance, we buy plants to make beautiful collection of any species. But just because somebody has an imli(Tamarindus Indica) plant, it is not necessary that you should have imli plant. Keep in mind that you are selecting a pre bonsai plant with some future planning, not to make collection. You should always strive to have something different and unique.

So, whenever you go to buy a plant, or collect from nature, see the future potential and make up your mind as to how long it will take to make the perfect bonsai shape and then collect it. Do not make a large collection like any other, but create a good quality bonsai. Keep in mind that your bonsai is your creation ,not your collection.

Whenever we meet any famous bonsai artist or any master, they suggest “Keep patience”. That is 100% necessary. Further, I feel that together with patience, the main thing is to believe in our own self. Most masters have started from scratch and their bonsais are their own identity and their own creation. So, you develop your own identity and your bonsais will look better when the time comes.
Do something special, apart from the prescription and make your identity.
· You must love your creation.
· Give full respect to your plants.
· Please admire other’s work but do not compare your creation with others.
· You must simple love your creation and yourself too for having created it.

You should make your bonsai plant very healthy, so that they can survive in any adverse circumstances. “jo andar hey vohi bahar dikhega!” . To this end, make sure that the manure is healthy and as per the requirements of the plant (species).
Ask your leaders, masters, and teachers about the type of manure required for your plant in your resident climate. This is the only which is long time action in the entire bonsai building activity. So, whenever you do repotting, make sure that your manure is 100% appropriate for your plant as per the resident climate. In this context, it becomes very important that you wait for the correct repotting season.

Further, NPK, urea, additional fertilizers and other boosters works like COMPLAN, HORLICS AND BOURNVITA. One simple question for you…if you drink only milk with complan or horlics or bournvita, does that mean that you do not require any other food? Your daily lunch and dinner is your manure and if you want your plants to be healthy, make the manure the perfect and than use additional fertilizers. Your manure should be like heaven for your plant where your plant is always smiling.

While starting work on any plant like styling, cutting, wiring, pinching, pruning, chopping, shaping etc., even a seasoned Bonsai master thinks very often like a beginner. It means that you should think a lot about the future shape and size of your bonsai and should let your creativity go wild. You must never bring in your past experience in this arena. In addition, it is pertinent to create the complete project in your mind before the actual execution. As someone once said, “Well Planned is Half Done”.
Once planned, you have to bring in all the skills you have in your bag and let yourself enjoy the process of creation. Even if you a beginner, believe your instincts and give bonsai any desired shape. Do not be afraid of losing. Just believe in yourself and bring out the Bonsai Master in you.

Please do not work on your bonsai when you are mentally upset. You must work with a fresh and relaxed mind and take your own time before applying any treatment like pruning, pinching, repotting, wiring, shaping, and most importantly chopping your plant.
Your heart should hum happily “Kya se kya ho gayaaaaaaaaa” when finishing the bonsai work.

Bonsai styles mentioned on the internet and in books just act as guidelines. But your plant is very special child, so give it a different look. Study all the styles and formats of bonsai. Just keep your bonsai in a triangular shape and give it a natural look and a beautiful apex. Most parents think that my child will be a good doctor, engineer, sports man, and famous musician etc. but do they wish their child be a good farmer? Just think, your child can be a famous farmer! Can’t a farmer be as famous as any other dancer???
Make your bonsai different from all, so that your master says with pride
“kya baat , kya baat , kya baat”!!

Take inspiration from the nature. Observe the trees available around you. How they grow, how they survive and the shape they get into when it becomes a full grown tree. In our tropical country, most of the trees are full of foliage and grown with a wide look. So, make your bonsai like that and treat your bonsai like that. I assure you if you will follow the nature , your bonsai will live a long life. When you travel on your two wheeler/four wheeler, observe the trees around you, but take care of yourself from roadside accidents. It happens to me! And so, I advise you to take care. Best way is to watch trees from the train window!

Bonsai is a life long art and so we must learn each and every time and in throughout our life. So, learn from all your masters, from books, from internet, from your leaders, and from the fresh artists also. But when your plant matters, use your all skills, your relations, your experience and then go for it.

Normally I learn bonsai from the internet and from the nature, mainly from the trees around me. In this century of instant communication, internet is our best friend. So, write up the blogs, join face book and send emails that saves time and paper. You also get good knowledge with photographs from all around the world. It may be so that you may not be able to attend workshops of any world famous bonsai master, but you can see their creation or can learn from them through your desktop.

If you make one bonsai, than plant a tree on the earth. Take this resolution for ever, so, we can make our earth much more beautiful.
This can be the truth in the year 2020
Well, this article is not related to global warming, but I will suggest that we grow more trees for our new generation. Subscribers of nichin bonsai are habituated to seeing very beautiful bonsais in the magazine.

To conclude, this is my first article on bonsai. Throughout the journey in bonsai art, I wish to go very far in this art form. I have lots of ideas and opinions in my mind, but all cannot be furnished at the same time. The thoughts explained in this article are solely mine and it is upto you, my dear readers to adopt whatever you wish.


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

acasia arabica (bawal) forest

"Acasia arabica" (bawal) is very very well know species in INDIA. becasuse BAWAL tree is available where, no other trees are surviving.
It is very hardy variety, but we have to very careful of it's thorns.
I have got 9 readymade bawal plants. So, i have not done any extra work, but just repot it in this ceramic pot, with proper angle , and proper height. It means by just repoting with proper way it gives a look of forest bonsai.
Still, i have to do lots of work on it, and i have to make it ready for coming exhibition (Feb-2011).
I did not get any prize in Ahmedabad Bonsai Competition (Feb-2010). But i will try hard for next year.
That was my first participation in any bonsai compitition, and from that event i came to know that to participate in any compitition we have to read the judges first for

Saturday, 24 April 2010


"Aralia" the very good looking and ever green plant. Every one in the gardening field, knows about aralia species, and they loves it.

In the month of March-2010, i was in a nursery, When i saw a aralia plant that was very bushy , healthy and slightly different from all other plants. I liked it and i purchased it.

I was looking to do something different for this, and after lots of lots of thinking i had decided to trim the plant in the shape of "RAFT STYLE bonsai".

After initial trimming i realised that ,, nothing is missing, so, i had change the pot from mud pot to another ceramic pot, and the beauty of initial bonsai came out. (you can see the result of trimming and changing the pot)

Though i have to work more on this plant , like more saperation between branches, and after that i have to improve remification according to raft style, and while the next repotting i will change the angle slightly downward, and main thing will be good selection of pot.

So, i have to wait for one more year. (please put your notes about my styling , and if i am doing wrong OR if you can suggest better ,, you are most welcome.)
In the june 2010, good monsoon had work in favour of this plant, and given good new suits , that is so beautiful, so i have taken these pictures with black background.
I assure you all will like this instant bonsai. but, "aralia" is very delicate plant, so we have to take some extra care for this plant.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Expensive Tamarindus Indica (Imli)

February 2010, I have purchase a Tamarindus Indica (Imli) plant which is almost 10 years old, and that is my most expensive plant through out my bonsai journey. But, it is WORTH, because the growth of the plant is gorgious within 2.5 months.
Initially I have decided to just repot the plant because , it was the right time to repot for this species, and when nursery person had not done any work for this plant accept giving birth to this gorgious TREE and just watering in these 10 years.

Within 20 days of repotting the plant had given lots of new suits from every angle, (and that was very joyful day), Than i have reduce the height of the plant, by deciding front-back and, and make a computer drawing , which is the future of this plant. (which will come after two years) So, i have to do work according to this future paint.

I request all the bonsai lover to give their ideas about this plant, if you feel that i am not so good about this shape , please suggest better option about this tree.

Future of this plant afater two years.

I have seen lots of tamarindus bonsai plants on the internet, but special for this plant is most of the branches coming from above to down, even it is in conical shape, and Sir PETER CHANN had agreed that it is good looking plant, and Sir, Harry Harington had also admire me that, this plant has good bark texture. so,, i like their comments, and will go in the same way in future..
I always afraid from monkeys, because they are attacking on this species at my home, and monkeyes are coming in large amount. so, i prey god (HANUMANJI) that monkeys are welcome to my home, but they should not come with hunger......

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Learning with World famous bonsai master Peter Chann

It was the best experience in my bonsai life. Each and every bonsai practicener wish to meet shri peter chan, because he is one of the best bonsai master in the world.

I had spend entire day of learning and worked with Shri Peter Chann, when he came to INDIA (jan-2010), I learn skin grafting, spiral sari, trunk splitting and share his experience while he was working on.
From his point of view main thing is the best TAPER OF THE TRUNK and TRUNK'S CURVY MOVEMENT.

On internet each and every aspect of bonsai learning is available. so, you can learn and understand everything related to bonsai deeply, but the practical learning of bonsai is must, and when you got the chance to work under the guidance of any world famous master, is like dreams comes true. I had never attend any workshop in my journey of learning bonsai, where i have got the chance to work with a big shot (shri peter chan).

These are the latest photoes of my bonsai (stumps) which I had chopped thoroughly and going to start newly with those plants. Well, this is the first correct step for those after attending his workshop.

I learn that our own Experience is the best learning part than the knowledge of bonsai, so, every one has to do some experiments continuesely on their own bonsai. After all Shri Peter chann has experience of more than 20 years.

I have got that chance,,to work with Peterbhai. and that was the great achievement of my life. He is very polite and art loving person.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Calliandra (Powder Puff)

Before 2 years i was not aware about this species as bonsai. But at present this is my favourite species to make bonsai. Because it gives beautiful flowers of red colour, nice looking foliage, speedy growth ,preety looking plant and good survival in our "Ahmedabad" city.

When i had purchase this plant from nursery (May-09) it was in the big mud pot with lots of long branches. Both the trunk was so streight and all branches was grown upward streight from both the trunks. Unfortunately i had not taken any photo while i purchased.

I had chopped all the branches with the length of just 4 to 6 inches, according to lower-longer, and uper-shorter. Within two months the plant had given good response and once again it becomes good looking with good foliage. (you can see in last two pictures)

Than after i had wired the required branches, and cut all other branches. I am trying to arrange a harmony with both the trunk, but the style will be twin trunk bonsai. You can see that both the trunks are too streight but i had cut it one shorter and other one is longer so it makes the different and giving good look.

After 15 days of wiring i have repot it in rectangle mud pot, and i had taken photoes of this tree with two beautiful statues. (please enlarge this photoes in your computer and see the top photo) It looks gorgious........ Ofcourse this is my plant so, i love it. In future i will make it more bold remification in both the trunks.. with one overlook bonsai tree.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Bauganvila (thrown by someone)

In the year November-2005 some one had thrown a bauganvila plant.. which i had take it at my home.. and after intial choping some branches.. and clear the trunkline, i had just plant it in a (2 feet wide) cement pot... while that i was not so clear what to do with this plant... and I am writing this the truth that " i was not known bonsai basics properly " . but i wanted to make this plant a beautiful bonsai.. so,, after one year i got first beautiful output from that plant ,, which i have shown you in the first (vertical) picture... from the horticulture point of view.. it was nice looking plant.. but not even 10% of bonsai........

But with the thorough journey of bonsai i learn it better later .. and recently (in march-2007) i had chopped it again with selected two main trunks... (even one trunk is too streight..)and repot it in rectangle mud pot...

In November 2008, i had got proper triangular shape.. and good future,,than after i continue to work on it.. and tried to make bold remification in both the levels.. not the flowers.

Still it is in the same pot.. and done one more repotting .. after that i had taken this two latest photoes with front and back.. i have never expect flowers in these 4 years.. because my aim is to make better bonsai,not flowering plant.

March-2010, i had reduce the height of stright looking trunk,, and tried to make it smaller than the previous one,, now this plant has got the final ceramic pot,, and you can see the decent look of this plant. Still this is not bonsai, because i have to create better remification and triangular shape, and than the flowers.

Fact is --> if i chopped it in the year 2005 with this (current) height , i must get better result than this within this 4 years. so, i agree of my slow bonsai work, but in these years i am doing better. So, final call is "BONSAI you can learn better with our own experience ,, not with good knoledge , either you have take guidence of experienced bonsai masters"

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Raselia (not sure with this name)

When i purchased a small plant from nursery stock,, nursery man was saying "RASELIA" (the name of this plant) , though i like the plant with almost triangular shape , four branches and good looking pink flowers.

After that i had put it in oval shape small mud pot , while that i was searching the details of this plant and the actual name of this plant , but i did not get it from any where and not even from the internet.

After two years again this is the time of repotting so, i have select a same shape but smaller in size ceramic pot and repot with rich soil and cowdung mixture, during that two years i had done heavy prunning to maintain the shape and to develop good remification in all four bunches. So, in this two years i have never seen those pink flowers again.
This plant is looking good with exposed roots and traingular branch arrangement. I assure you in coming two years i will make it perfect bonsai. We can say this is "exposed roots style bonsai", but mainly i do not follow any particular style of bonsai. I just follows five basic rules of bonsai....
1. Triangular branch arrangement
2.Good nebari
3.Artistic natural look of a bonsai tree
4.Good tapering of trunk
5.A beautiful Apex


This gorgious looking ADENIUM (desert lily) is around 10 years old plant. Normaly in the BONSAI world, "Adenium" is not consider as bonsai plant, but our city "Ahmedabad" is next to desert so, this plant is surviving better than the other plants. In our city maximum tempreture goes up to 48degree in summers and rain during entire year is just 30 inches.

Where "Adenium" lives happily with lots of flowers every year. I am 99% sure that in Ahmedabad city every bonsai lover will have this plant , even most of the nursery men consider this plant as BONSAI PLANT. So, we are enjoying with this.

When i purchase this plant it was very slim and trim with age of around two years, i had just put this plant in a deep mud pot. After that we were enjoying it's beautiful flowers for 3 to 4 years. Than after i realized that it's codex becomes very big and i have to do something so, i transfer this plant in big cement pot (which is in the dark last picture) , till that i was not aware to see it's codex beauty in the cello ceramic pot. But our master had given me a hint to repot it in the oval shape ceramic pot with giving triangular shape.. so, i had done it. (see the second last picture).

After 1 month of repotting in ceramic pot i had chopped all the branches, and new suits came quickly after chopping within 20 days. I had put one more small adenium with this , to show big identity of that big adenium. Even this idea shows the concept of MOTHER AND BABY plant.

I am hoping to see it's flowers again in this pot. and at that time, i will click some other photes and will show you.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Who can be our BONSAI MASTER

Every Bonsai Master has his/her own style and identity which is depicted through their creations.

The creations reflect the inner creativity and attitude of the person creating the same. My personal view is that one should learn the Art from the Artist with whose work, one can relate to. Also, one should look at someone who has knowledge of local species and weather. However, Someone may not be the right person to create Bonsai in dry weather like that of Ahmedabad. A person who does not have enough regional/local knowledge may not be able to help you with much with the local species like Rayan tree bonsai or Chikoo Bonsai.

Similarly a person , if any person with only book knowledge and less of practical knowledge may sound good but will not be able to produce the desired result. A person with more practical knowledge will be the one who can actually guide you and has better experience. Sachin Tendulkar can hit big shots in Cricket since he has an experience in playing Cricket. He can not be expected to hit punches in Boxing Ring using his experience as a Cricketer.


It is not necessary that all the artists have theoretical knowledge of their field, but experienced artist has all the knowledge he needs to create his art form. You will find lots of examples of people who were not weel read but turned out be Master in their own art field.

So, my suggestion would be to prefer being trained from / take help from the Masters who are experienced in the area and have good local knowledge.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Creation Big Bonsai of Ficus Nitida

This is progression of Ficus Nitida (local name "PIPLI"),

Just one year before our relative had given me a big plant of Ficus Nitida, which is very famous tree of Gujarat and in gujarat it's call "PIPLI". It was approximately 10 to 12 years old, and it was in a very big pot, but it was nicely grown with good nebari and good taper trunk, with the height of 4 feets.

At the first site, i was very excited to do work on those grown foliage, but after deep thinking i had decided to chop the tree thoroughly, and done it. Within 15 days , the tree had started to give new branch on it, and i had done repotting in a rounded semi cello pot. Than the plant had started to grow better than the expectation , and current picture is just among you,

Though lots of work is to do on apex and for the remification, but this plant has given me very good setisfaction of my bonsai work. Lets chears.

Whenever i am thinking that i have to return this plant to my relative back, I become very sad.